The Walking Dead season 7 promo

The Walking Dead :"We're just getting started"

22nd September 2016 TV/Film

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Doctor Doom is the new Iron Man

Victor von Doom takes Tony Stark's place

22nd September 2016 Marvel Comics

Ghost in the Shell first teasers

Five teasers for new Scarlett Johansson scifi

22nd September 2016 TV/Film

The Walking Dead season 6 UK BluRay

Season 6 of The Walking Dead comes to UK DVD/BluRay

26th September 2016 TV/Film

Gotham 'Burn the Witch'

Bruce Wayne’s investigation of the Court of Owls is compromised

26th September 2016 DC Comics

Lucifer ‘Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire’

Lucifer's mother turns up at the scene of a grizzly murder pleading innocence

26th September 2016 DC Comics

Fear the Walking Dead 'Date of Death'

Refugees flood into the hotel, including an unexpected refugee from the group

25th September 2016 TV/Film

Who is Luke Cage?

The Marvel Fact Files guide to the newest live-action superstar

23rd September 2016 Marvel Comics

Marvel Chess 89: Spider-Ham

Marvel Chess 89 features the Spectacular Spider-Ham as a white pawn

22nd September 2016 Products

Marvel Movie Collection 11: War Machine

Marvel Movie Collection 11 features War Machine from Iron Man 2

22nd September 2016 Products

Marvel Fact Files 184

Marvel Fact Files 184 features Colossus, avatar of Cytorrak on the cover

22nd September 2016 Products

Game of Thrones 15: White Walker

Game of Thrones 15 features a White Walker

22nd September 2016 Products

Doctor Who Figurines 81: Tritovore

Doctor Who Figurines 81 features a Tritovore from 'Planet of the Dead'.

22nd September 2016 Products

Arrow brings the fight to season 5

Arrow returns to the CW on October 5

22nd September 2016 DC Comics

New Destinies New Dangers for The Flash

Season 3 of The Flash begins October 4

21st September 2016 DC Comics

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 4 premiere

Ghost Rider arrives in the season premiere of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

20th September 2016 Marvel Comics

X-Men: Apocalypse blooper reel

Watch the outtakes from X-Men: Apocalypse

20th September 2016 Marvel Comics

Supergirl – the sky's the limit

New trailer for Supergirl season 2

20th September 2016 DC Comics

Passengers - first trailer

First look at Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence scifi romance

20th September 2016 TV/Film

Gotham season 3 premiere

Gotham returns as a 'Mad City'

19th September 2016 DC Comics

Lucifer season 2 premiere

Lucifer is distracted by his mother's escape from Hell

19th September 2016 DC Comics

Marvel's Monsters Unleashed!

Classic Marvel monsters rain from the sky in January,

19th September 2016 Marvel Comics

Arrow recruits a new team

Extended trailer for Arrow season 5

19th September 2016 DC Comics

Justice League's Commissioner Gordon

First look at J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon

19th September 2016 DC Comics