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25th August 2016 Products

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Return of the Caped Crusaders!

Adam West and Burt return for animated movie

18th August 2016 DC Comics

Rocket Raccoon and Groot animated test

Scottie Young-inspired Guardians of the Galaxy spin-off

28th July 2016 Marvel Comics

STAR TREK BEYOND - Review from Comic Con

STAR TREK editor and long time fan Ben Robinson's BEYOND review from Comic Con

21st July 2016 Features

Marvel Movie Collection 9: Drax

Marvel Movie Collection 9 features Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer

25th August 2016 Products

Game of Thrones 13: Jon Snow at Winterfell

Game of Thrones Official Collector's Models part 13 features Jon Snow from Winterfell

25th August 2016 Products

Doctor Who Figurines 79: Robot Mummy

The Doctor Who Figurine Collection 79 features a Robot Mummy from 'Pyramids of Mars'

25th August 2016 Products

Marvel Chess 85: Spider-Girl

Marvel Chess 85 features Spider-Girl as a white pawn

25th August 2016 Products

Marvel Fact Files 180

Marvel Fact Files part 180 features Spider-Man and Deadpool as cover stars

25th August 2016 Products

Fear the Walking Dead mid-season premiere

Fear the Walking Dead returns

21st August 2016 TV/Film

Marvel Chess 84: Scorpion

Marvel Chess 84 features the Scorpion as a black pawn

18th August 2016 Products

Star Trek Starships 79: Mudd's ship

Star Trek Starships 79 features Harry Mudd's Class-J starship

18th August 2016 Products

Marvel Fact Files 179

Marvel Fact Files 179 features Wolverine on the cover

18th August 2016 Products

DC Graphic Novels 27: Superman - Brainiac

DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection 27 features Superman: Brainiac.

18th August 2016 Products

Suicide Squad in cinemas

Suicide Squad is in US and UK cinemas from August 5.

5th August 2016 DC Comics

Marvel Chess 82: Hobgoblin

Marvel Chess 82 features the Hobgoblin as a black knight

4th August 2016 Products

Marvel Fact Files 177

Marvel Fact Files 177 features the 2099 Avengers

4th August 2016 Products

Star Trek Ships 78: Voyager Aeroshuttle

Star Trek: The Official Starship Collection 78 features the USS Voyager Aeroshuttle.

4th August 2016 Products

DC Graphic Novels 26: Wonder Woman - The Circle

DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection 26 features Wonder Woman 'The Circle'.

4th August 2016 Products

Batman: The Killing Joke DVD release

Batman: The Killing Joke out on US DVD/BluRay

2nd August 2016 DC Comics

Batman v Superman UK DVD

The Ultimate Cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is out on UK DVD and BluRay

1st August 2016 DC Comics

DC Watches: Suicide Squad

The DC Comics Watch Collection presents Suicide Squad.

1st August 2016 Products

Preacher 'Call and Response'

Jesse tries to follow through on his promise to get answers from Heaven

31st July 2016 DC Comics

London Film & Comic Con

London Film & Comic Con runs from July 29-31

29th July 2016 TV/Film